The good people of the Walden Rotary approached the Village of Maybrook earlier this year about helping with a possible project in the village. The Maybrook Senior Center which was built in 2008 had an area set aside for a stage which was not completed during construction and held off as a future project. The Walden Rotary donated the materials and labor to have a stage built to complete the Maybrook Senior Center. Mayor Dennis Leahy, Deputy Mayor Bob Pritchard, Trustee Noreen Reynolds, Trustee Kevin Greany and Trustee Jim Barnett wish to say “Thank you” to Walden Rotary President Peter Sullivan and the Rotarians for their generous gift to the Village of Maybrook and the many projects they support in our town! Also a “thank You” to Dennis Matthews who did an awesome job designing and building the stage!


Stage in the Maybrook Senior Center donated by the Walden Rotary to the Village of Maybrook.

Dedicated on May 15, 2017



Walden Rotary President Peter Sullivan and Mayor Dennis Leahy