The Village of Maybrook Police Department is now providing a safe place for citizens to meet when selling or buying items from online. You can never be too careful when meeting strangers to purchase items online. Now a safe meeting location is provided in the village for residents and other local citizens to meet and conduct online business.

Here are 10 important tips when meeting someone buying or selling something online:

1) Always meet in a public place
2) Tell someone you are going 
3) Never meet at home 
4) Always meet during the day 
5) If it is a high priced transaction, consider doing it at a bank or our E-Commerce Safe Zone
6) Don’t pay in cash (If 
avoidable, ie. Paypal)
7) Disable your caller ID 
8) Don’t use personal email
9) Keep your cell phone close by
10) Don’t reveal personal information

Please feel free to contact the Village of Maybrook Police Department @ 845-427-2111 for any questions or additional information about “E-Commerce Safe Zone”

The meeting place is located in front of the Village of Maybrook Government Center at 111 Schipps Lane Maybrook, NY 12453. When you pull into the Maybrook Government Center parking lot look for the E-Commerce Signs!20375756_822768501223798_9204900386620993594_n20376163_822768587890456_8272758494180596048_n