In 2009, the Village of Maybrook introduced a new adult recreation program “Chicago Softball”. ¬†Chicago Softball is played with a sixteen-inch softball¬†and is a game with very subtle differences from the 12-inch variety of the sport. The main difference being that instead of a hard 12-inch ball, the sport uses a softer 16-inch ball and fielders use no gloves. The sport is popular in the Midwest and, in many regions, is referred to as “Chicago softball.” The Village of Maybrook offers a 6 week season played on the fenced in field under the lights. The fee is $35 per player and includes a team shirt. Teams are welcome but must submit a roster along with registration fees to reserve a spot. FOUR (4) Teams is the limit so get your teams together ASAP!


Contact Mayor Dennis Leahy during evening hours @ 845-234-6021 for any questions!

Men’s_and_Women’s_Co-ed_Softball_Registration 2017