Fees & Permits

Did you know you need a Building Permit for:

  • Sheds

  • Fences

  • Roofs

  • Windows

  • Generators

  • Pools

  • Wood, Pellet & Gas Stoves


Download a Building Permit Form Here – Building Permit Application


Additional Information:


* If you rent out your home, you must register as owner of rental property with the Village

* There is no parking on your front yard

* Unregistered/unlicensed and/or junk vehicles are not permitted on your property

* Garbage and Recycling Toters must be brought in within 24 hours of garbage and recycling pick up



New Construction $300 Application Fee

Plus .55 per square foot

Additions $100 Application Fee

Plus .30 per square foot


New Construction $500 Application Fee

Under 10,000 sq. ft. Plus .60 per square foot

Over 10,000 sq. ft. $1000 Application Fee

Plus .60 per Square foot

DECKS $100 Application Fee

Plus .15 per square foot

SIGNS $150 Application Fee

POLE BARNS $100 Application Fee

Plus .20 per square foot

ALL OTHER $30 For first $2000. Cost

$8. For every $1000 thereafter

REINSPECTIONS $50 – 1st reinspect

$75 – 2nd reinspect

$150 – 3rd reinspect


* 6 Month extension of permit – No fee if requested prior to expiration (one time only)

* Renewal of expired permits is full price


Download the Fee Schedule Here.

Landlord Registry- All landlords are required to register properties rented in the Village of Maybrook. There is a yearly inspection of rental property in the Village of Maybrook. The fee for this inspection is $25. LANDLORD_REG._FORM