The Town of Montgomery Police Department hosted a FREE community awareness presentation for the public pertaining to opiate drug use and abuse. They had over 40 people in attendance. I want to thank Town of Montgomery Police Sargent Guy Farina for organizing the event and including the Village of Maybrook in the program. Sargent Farina gave an informative and educational presentation. His passion and knowledge of the topic was recognized by all who attended.

Catholic Charities gave training and instruction on how to use Narcan on someone who has overdosed. Those in attendance received a certification card along with a free Narcan kit.

The Tri-County Community Partnership “Hope not Handcuffs” gave an introduction on how their program works and explained how they are now working with the Town of Montgomery and the Village of Maybrook Police Departments. The program is becoming well known throughout Orange, Dutchess and Rockland Counties. The volunteers from “Hope not Handcuffs” work with local police departments to assist those seeking help with drug addiction. Anyone who wants help can simply walk into the Town of Montgomery or the Village of Maybrook Police Departments, request help and a “Hope not Handcuffs” volunteer “Angel” will be called to assist. It’s a great program with over 100 volunteers and I truly appreciate the service they provide to our town and village.

Thank you, Catholic Charities, and the Tri-County Community Partnership “Hope not Handcuffs” for being a part of this community awareness presentation and your dedication to educate and assist residents throughout Orange County.

Mayor Dennis K. Leahy

Village of Maybrook