Earlier today, the Maybrook Police Department responded to a call in our village and shots were fired upon them, one hitting our Police Chief Butch Amthor. I’m sincerely pleased to report that Chief Amthor is in stable condition and his injury is considered non-life threatening. I ask all residents to please keep Chief Amthor and the officers involved in their thoughts and prayers.

Last but not least, I want to thank all of the law enforcement agencies and first responders for their assistance in securing the village so residents can resume their normal activities. I also want to thank the many residents who opened their homes and offered assistance. The local businesses who offered their services in any way possible. Your generosity during this crisis is greatly appreciated. This kind of activity we had in our village is never welcome in any community. We are very fortunate and blessed on this day in that our wounds will heal and we will all move forward.

God Bless and peace to all!

Mayor Dennis K. Leahy