Mayor’s Corner

Dennis Leahy Mayor of Maybrook

  • At the Village of Maybrook Board of Trustees Meeting held on February 27th, Representatives from New York Waterways presented a “Concept” to the Village Board that included development of the Galaxy Property along the old Maybrook Rail. The “Concept” includes the development of a Corporate Park on 80 acres of land adjacent to the rail. This project would require the annexation of 28 acres from the Town of Montgomery into the Village of Maybrook. The wetlands on the property will NOT be developed and remain in the town. The “Concept” includes 10 buildings totaling 750,000 sq. ft. of building space. A road would be constructed that will continue down Main Street (passenger cars ONLY), across the tracks, run parallel to the tracks and connect with Henry Henning Drive in the Town of Montgomery. The village CAN and Will supply water and sewer. There is a potential well located on the site also. There is a Walking and Bicycle Trail along the road included in the “concept”. This project will create tax revenue, jobs, residential growth in the village, the revitalization of the B-2 zone and maybe at the end a need for an elementary school back in our village. In order to move forward with this “concept”, 28 acres of land within the 80 acres would have to be annexed from the Town of Montgomery to the Village of Maybrook. The Village Board was asked if we wished to proceed. We were unanimously in favor of moving forward. On Thursday, March 9, 2017, the “concept” was presented to the town of Montgomery and they have agreed to a joint meeting to discuss and move forward with the annexation process. Just a little history on this property, from 1925 to 1980 the Village of Maybrook thrived because of the railroad. There were 200 plus families who lived and worked for the Maybrook Railroad. When the Maybrook Railroad shut down in 1980, Maybrook pretty much lost its identity and over time became a bedroom community. On June 29, 2016, Trustee Bob Pritchard and I held an “Economic Development Kick Off” here at the Government Center. The County Executive Steve Neuhaus attended along with local businesses and local realtors. At the meeting, we discussed the past eight years and how we came to point we were from the efforts of the Village Board in repairing our infrastructure and plans to maintain going forward. Our message for those who attended this meeting was “the Village of Maybrook is ready to move to the next level and welcome economic development”. Since then, we have had many conversations with investors. The Village Board moved to “set the table” by purchasing property on Main St. from the County for a possible municipal parking lot back in 2015. The addition of cameras for increased security on Tower Ave and Main St. will be installed (which we are in the final stages for installation). We have been working with our municipal planner and village attorney on the B-2 zone that surrounds Main St. It’s been a work in progress and we just keep chipping away. The owners of the Galaxy property contacted us and we met for a meeting in October 2016 to discuss a “Concept” proposal. An actual “Concept” was reviewed with the Village Board on February 27th as previously mentioned.  Shortly after, I met with the Village of Maybrook Planning Board meeting to give them a summary of our last Village Board Meeting and the “concept”. I explained to the members of our Planning Board that this is a very important moment in the history of the Village of Maybrook and that this project will move the village into the 21st century for today and future generations. I told them that the Village Board and I have the utmost confidence that they will be on top of this project and make decisions in the best interest of our village. We still have a long road ahead of us and as we have promised in the past, we will keep pushing forward in making our village the best it can be for our residents. Residents are welcome to attend our meetings. We will keep the residents updated and informed of any new developments going forward. I have met and spoken to the County Executive Steve Neuhaus, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney and Senator William Larkin. All are very excited about the “Concept” before the Village Board and have offered any assistance needed that they can provide going forward. I thanked them all for their support! The “Concept” is on display at the Maybrook Government Center and residents are welcome to stop in and review it.


A safe and happy summer to all!

Mayor Dennis K. Leahy