Mayor’s Corner

Dennis Leahy Mayor of Maybrook

  • Another year has passed and we welcome 2018. This has been a long year with a lot of work and with many improvements in our village. As promised, we (the Village Board) continue to move forward on the revitalization of our village. It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point and we continue to push forward. Our work is not done. Two years ago, we completed the most major obstacle of our infrastructure which was the building of our new Sewer Treatment Plant. This was the last major piece of our infrastructure that needed to be addressed and we were ready to move to the next phase. In June 2016, we formally announced the Village of Maybrook was ready to move forward with economic development. We haven’t looked back since. We have worked hard the past five years to complete our Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) for our Downtown Design District. This Zoning Code Amendment will set the table for investors in our efforts to bring back Main Street in our village. We are working with potential investors who are interested in our village. This did NOT happen over night! The old Maybrook Rail Yard property is looked upon as the BEST site for industrial development in the county because of 5 key elements; water, sewer, rail service, 2 airports (Orange County and Stewart) and 2 miles from Interstate Route 84. We plan to work very closely with the developer to bring good paying jobs to our area and welcome new residents who will support our Main Street revitalization. In December 2017, I formally announced that I will seek another term as your Mayor in March of 2018. I want to continue what I promised the first day I took office in 2008 and working toward the past 10 years which was and still is “to make the Village of Maybrook the best village in the Town of Montgomery”. I want to take a moment to thank the many people who made this past year a success! The Deputy Mayor Bob Pritchard, Trustee Noreen Reynolds, Trustee Kevin Greany, Trustee Jim Barnett, Maybrook Clerk-Treasurer Tina Johnson, DPW Supervisor Matt Thorp, Maybrook Police Chief Butch Amthor, ALL of the employees of the Village of Maybrook, our Attorneys Rick Golden and Kelly Naughton, our Engineer Sean Hoffman, Village Planner Max Stach and Building Inspector Tim Ippolito for all of your hard work this past year every one of you contributed in making this a successful year! I want to thank my wife Liz and my three children for their sacrifices in allowing me to do this job to the best of my abilities. Last but not least, I thank the village residents for their support and confidence these past 10 years as your Mayor and 16 total years as an elected official. I look forward to your support and confidence for another term in 2018. On behalf of the Village of Maybrook Board of Trustees, we wish all of the residents and their families a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


    Mayor Dennis K. Leahy