Mayor’s Corner

Dennis Leahy Mayor of Maybrook


Monday, July 23, 2018


Central Hudson Gas and Electric – Since our last Village Board Meeting, Central Hudson crews have completed the replacement of the gas main and service lines to resident’s homes along Homestead Ave. The road areas worked on were patched up as the construction crews moved along. Another paving contractor has started to go over the areas worked on to improve the transition and they a near completion. I have had discussions with the NYS DOT and they will be monitoring Central Hudson’s progress as well. Thank you to DPW Superintendent Matt Thorp and Village Engineer Sean Hoffman for staying on top of the project.

Village of Maybrook Family Movie Night– Our 2nd Village of Maybrook Family Movie Night will be held on Friday, June 27th at the Frederick Myers Veterans Memorial Park and begin at dusk. The featured movie will be “Coco”. This Family Movie Night is sponsored by the Wallkill Federal Savings and Loan. Stop down at the park with your family and enjoy a movie in the park with your friends and neighbors! Hoping for nice weather!

Maybrook Women’s Recreation Softball- Maybrook Women’s Recreation was scheduled to start on Tuesday, July 17th however due to the thunderstorms, it was cancelled. The season is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, July 24th.

Village of Maybrook Kick Off the 4th of July Celebration– was held on Friday, June 29th 7 pm to 10 pm at the Frederick Myers Veterans Memorial Park. Live music was performed by “Hot Rod” and the “Maybrook Troop 236 Boy Scout Band”. We had great weather and the fireworks display was fantastic.  Last but not least, I want to thank all of our sponsors of this years event. Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus who presented the village with a check for $4,999.99 through Orange County Tourism which paid for the fireworks. I also wish to thank all of our other sponsors for their support of our event Shoprite, Burke, Miele, Golden and Naughton, LLP, Galaxy Limited, Taylor Biomass, East End Bus Company, YRC Freight, Mainline Diner, Ice Mother, Stewart’s Shops, Eddie’s Curros, H2M Architects and Engineers, VFW Post 2064, Maybrook Fire Department, Vanity Signs and Graphics, Little Pops Pizza, Hair Trends Hair Salon, Studio C Hair Salon, Lords Homestead Florist, Better Homes/ Rand Realty Guy Cusamano, E-Rock Entertainment, Ms. Clare’s Montesori School, Lucky Inn, Quality Service Center, ADC Windsor, Montgomery Overall Service and Engineering and Surveying Properties. Our sponsors were very generous and their generosity allowed us to provide the inflatable rides for the kids this year. The rides were very busy throughout the evening and the kids seemd to be having fun! Thank you to our Clerk/Treasuer Tina Johnson and our Event Chairperson Donna Barletta for their assistance also. A nice community event and most importantly, I was very pleased the weather cooperated!

1st Annual Town of Montgomery “National Night Out”- Just a reminder, the 1st Annual Town of Montgomery “National Night Out” will take place on August 7th 2018 at the Valley Central High School from 6 pm to 10 pm. I’m very proud of the fact that the Town and three villages came together to work with the Valley Central School District to benefit the children in OUR town. A large crowd is anticipated for this event. The Police Chiefs and DPW Supervisors met to finish up on the details of the event. It truly is a TOWN event and I appreciate the effort by all of those involved!

Sidewalks, Curbs and Paving in the village- This past month, I met with our DPW Supervisor Matt Thorp and our Village Engineer Sean Hoffman to discuss sidewalk replacement, added curbs and paving for 2018. We will be addressing the sidewalks from Clark Place to Oak Street on Homestead Ave. then Oak Street north to Williams St. These locations are part of the DASNY Grant we received in 2014. The delay on the sidewalk replacement is not on the village. Our permits for this project were submitted 5 months ago. Our intent was to come in behind the Central Hudson Gas Line upgrade. Matt, Sean and I met with representatives from NYSDOT has week and we are hopeful to have our approvals shortly so we can get this project wrapped up. I’ve instructed the Village Engineer to start on the 2015 DASNY Grant which is to construct sidewalks on the northern end of the village from the Sewer Treatment Plant to Yellow Freight. Another project we are working on is the reclamation, curbing and repaving of
Country Club Drive. Matt and Sean met with the contractors involved and that project is scheduled to begin the first week of August. We are doing everything possible to move these projects along. Our goal is to get them done as soon as possible! I want to mention again that I really appreciate the efforts of our DPW Supervisor Matt Thorp and Village Engineer Sean Hoffman. We have had three construction jobs worked on in the village. The Central Hudson Gas Line upgrade, new sidewalks on the southern end of Homestead Ave (2014 DASNY Grant), curb installation and the repaving of Country Club Drive and now putting together the application for the sidewalks on the northern end of the village which is from the 2015 DASNY Grant. Our goal is to get as much done as possible before winter arrives. There is a lot of construction taking place in the village, so I thank the residents for their patience. I can assure you that we are doing everything possible to get these projects completed. I will keep everyone updated on any new progress.

Town of Montgomery Independent Accountants’ Report- On Thursday, July 19th, I attended the Town of Montgomery Board Meeting. Trustee Kevin Greany and Trustee Jim Barnett were also present as well. Earlier in the year, the newly elected Town of Montgomery Supervisor Rod Winchell and Board Members agreed to hire RBT CPAs. LLP to audit the internal controls and financial reporting in the Town of Montgomery. At this meeting, a representative from RBT, CPAs. LLP reported back to the Town Board of their findings. Some of the findings included; $9 million in the unexpended Fund Balance, town buildings and infrastructure in need of costly repairs, eleven (11) capital projects which none of the Board Members knew about, lack of segregation of duties and mismanagement of the town’s finances. Questions were taken from the public in which I asked if there were any findings of issues in the A and B Funds in which the Villages and the Town pay into? The response was that they covered so many other issues and did not get to it. At this point, I put the Town of Montgomery Supervisor and Board Members on notice. I informed them that based on the findings and numbers presented by the accountants hired by the town, I will be drafting a letter and contacting the New York State Comptrollers Office and requesting an audit of the Town of Montgomery’s finances. On Friday, July 20th, I contacted the New York State Comptroller’s Office and I have formally requested a New York State Audit. A letter was sent out on Tuesday, July 24th (see below). I want to add that I applaud the Town of Montgomery Supervisor Rod Winchell for initiating this audit however based on what was presented, I feel it is in the best interest of the Maybrook residents and the entire town to have an audit done by the New York State Comptrollers Office town to correct this gross mismanagement of the Town of Montgomery’s finances!

Letter to NYS Comptroller DiNapoli 7-23-18

Next Scheduled Village Board Meeting– Our next Village Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 27th here at the Maybrook Government Center beginning at 7 pm.

Be Safe and Be Well,

Mayor Dennis K. Leahy