Village  of Maybrook Police Officer Kris Kovenbach

Village of Maybrook Police Officer Kris Kolvenbach

Officer Kristopher Kolvenbach (27 years old) works part-time for three police departments (Village of Maybrook, Village of Walden and Village of Montgomery).  On 12/05/2017, while driving home after an overnight shift in the Village of Montgomery, he was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident when another motorist entered his lane and struck him head-on.  His injuries will likely keep him out of work for up to six months.  Because he’s part-time and not eligible for 207c benefits, his bills will be difficult to pay without help.  Please assist us in getting Kris through this rough time.

The Village of Maybrook Mayor Dennis Leahy and Maybrook Board of Trustees wish Officer Kris Kolvenbach a speedy recovery and ask all village residents to keep him and his family in your prayers.

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