These are the type of presentations young families need to take advantage of in today’s world. There are so many outside influences that shape the minds of young adults in today’s society. Education and Discussions are the keys to making our community a better place!
Please mark your calendars for this event!
Thursday, November 29th
6:30 pm to 8 pm
at the Valley Central High School
The topics discussed through “Breaking the Cycle of Violence through Forgiveness” include;
Discussions about Countering School Violence
Ending Bullying and Racism
Promoting Self-Respect and Respect of Others
Addressing Alcohol and Drug Addiction
I was asked to personally spread the word about this event. I believe education is our defense to combat these issues. It’s the beginning of a long journey and it has to start somewhere! I fully support these type of seminars and hope families throughout our community take the time to attend and have open discussions with their children. 
Mayor Dennis K. Leahy
Village of Maybrook